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DynamO Becomes InterTicket’s Pricing Supplier

A cikk itt olvasható magyarul.

DynamO Pricing and InterTicket have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, in which DynamO as a pricing technology software provider will work together with Hungary’s largest ticketing portal by market share.

Following Tixa and Cooltix ticket portals, operated by InterTicket will also integrate dynamic pricing into its online administration platform for event organizers. Development has already started and the service is expected to be fully functional in Q2 of 2022.

In addition to the previously tested volume and first-come first-served ticketing, there will be a strong focus on the specific pricing for seated tickets, such as theatre zone tickets, and some new enhancements to DynamO’s API will also be introduced to meet market needs.

The take-up of pricing technology is due to a number of factors. On the one hand, technological advances and the dramatic increase in online sales of event and entertainment tickets have enabled the use of algorithmic solutions, and on the other hand, the epidemic situation and the resulting constraints are driving attention towards innovative technologies and smart solutions.

Dynamic pricing, properly applied, creates a win-win situation for event organizers and ticket buyers alike.

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