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Fight the Crisis with Innovation – DynamO’s Special Offerings

We at DynamO believe it is during challenging times that we need to cooperate and help each other the most. Albeit each and every individual and company has to deal with its own share of problems during a worldwide crisis, some have tools that can help others manage their businesses even in dire situations – DynamO is one of those who can provide such a support: our dynamic pricing solutions offer resilience, versatility, and leverage to various businesses.

The coronavirus outbreak has put numerous businesses and even previously prospering economic sectors in a very challenging situation. The ongoing pandemic is bound to leave its mark on today’s society and economy, and is going to bring on severe changes – both for the short and long term –  in the world as we knew it. The key to mitigating the entailing economic recession and to avoiding the downfall of businesses is actively taking preventive measures: cooperation and joint innovation are in the best interest of all parties who wish to continue their operations. This way, the changes that currently have adverse effects on various economic sectors and industries can even be turned into an opportunity.

DynamO encourages businesses to fight the crisis with innovation. In the spirit of mutual aid, we announce the following special offerings:

  • dynamic pricing solutions specifically tailored to your needs,
  • discounts from our prices,
  • deferred payment constructions.

DynamO Pricing provides advanced pricing solutions to businesses in a multitude of sectors: entertainment, transport, and turism are only but a few. Our proprietary pricing engine helps our customers to get the most out of dynamic pricing, including increased sales, more revenue, more balanced demand, and more satisfied buyers (pricing products and services dynamically results in better value for money). By signing up for our dynamic pricing solutions, you can easily get prepared for unpredictable market situations that the pandemic or any other crisis can potentially inflict on your business.

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