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Incubator Program Start it @K&H Continues to Support DynamO

Back in February 2018, K&H commercial bank (fully owned by KBC Bank N.V. of Belgium) had selected DynamO into its startup incubator program, Start it @K&H.  The first two rounds of the program lasted for a half year each, during which K&H provided DynamO with business counselling, office space in the heart of Budapest, mentors from the specific industry, and business contacts through its international network. The parties recently deemed the first two rounds successful and expressed their wish to continue working together for another 6 months.

Entrepreneurship promotion is a part of K&H’s sustainability strategy: the financial institute had started to support Hungarian startups to give them an extra push during the time they need it the most. At the beginning of 2018, 37 startups had submitted their applications to K&H. During the first round of peer review, the jury had assessed each of them based on the idea at hand, the team, and the market potential. Subsequently, the best 16 teams had been invited for a pitch for consultation and further evaluation. Eventually, a jury of banking professionals and independent experts had decided to invite 10 startups, including DynamO, to the Start it @K&H program.

In 2018, DynamO’s team has reach multiple important milestones: we brought in entrepreneur and pricing expert professor Pal Danyi to the team; finalized our minimum viable product (MVP); extended our beachhead market to cover not only cinemas but theaters as well; and started to contact potential customers. Having demonstrated great progress in the first 6+6 months, DynamO was invited to stay in the Start it @K&H incubator program for an additional half year. In the coming months, DynamO will continue to add new features to its dynamic pricing software, and is planning to pilot its solutions in a live system.  

Sources Tíz új cég került be a Start it @K&H inkubátorba Sínre teszi a startupokat a K&H

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