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Recap of DynamO’s 2019 H1

Time flies by fast, but DynamO is keeping up the pace. As the first half of 2019 is coming to an end, let us recap some of the key developments that DynamO has been working on in the past 6 months:

  • We expanded our beachhead market so that now we offer our proprietary dynamic pricing solutions not only to cinemas and theater operators, but also to ticketing portals.
  • As a response to increasing demand, we ramped up our team: Gabor Durgonics has joined to boost sales, while Ferenc Tamas strengthens the developer team.
  • Start it @K&H startup incubator program has prolonged its cooperation with DynamO for the second time: until September 2019, Start it @K&H will keep supporting DynamO with business counselling, office space in the heart of Budapest, mentors from the specific industry, and business contacts through its international network.
  • DynamO and TicketNinja, a startup that had joined K&H’s incubator program recently, have expressed mutual interest to pilot dynamic pricing. TicketNinja is offering turnkey solutions to event organizers: its customers can handle not only ticket sales on its customized online platform, but the event calendar, registration, sign-in, and billing as well. In the coming weeks, DynamO and TicketNinja will work actively together to start offering dynamic pricing solutions to TicketNinja’s customers.
  • To reach more partners (including potential customers, investors, startup incubators and accelerators, mentors, and business angels), we submitted our one-pager to the Startup Catalog of the INPUT Program. The INPUT Program is a network of experts and mentors that has been called into life by the Hungarian Ministry of National Development to help ICT (information and communications technology) startups enter the international market. The Startup Catalog is a collection of one-pager-like summaries from the startups that is propagated among the market makers of the relevant business ecosystem.

DynamO’s team of experts can help you to get the most out of dynamic pricing. DynamO has been established in the recognition that the service sector’s increasing interest in dynamic pricing in now coupled with an increasing acceptance among end customers. Our vision is to make dynamic pricing as widespread and common in the service sector as credit cards and online shopping in everyday life.

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